Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Find Myself Texting More

I Find Myself Texting More!
I don't think I'd ever hear myself saying that (or see myself texting that)! On the first day of any class I teach, I pass out an index card to each of my students and tell them to write down one way to be able to reach them that they know they check often, either an email address or phone number, that if I needed to contact them, I would know that they would see or hear my message right away. I also give out my contact information and for the past year and a half, I've given them my cell phone along with my email and let them know that they can text me too.
I have had quite a few students text me questions, and I respond via text. I've gotten a lot better and am not all thumbs (so to speak). I've also noticed that a few of the very quiet students I have speak out through their texting, and because of this, I am happy to have it as a communication option with my classes.
It also came in handy one day when the parking lots I usually rely on were full. I work in downtown Allentown and the Donley Center is not that far from the courthouse. I have discovered, the hard way, that if there is a jury duty call any given morning, the parking is slim. One morning, I had to park a few blocks away and knew I would be a few minutes late. I was able to text one of my students to relay the message to the others.
Texting will probably never be my preferred means of communication. I'm who likes to talk on the phone or write an email, but if it is useful in reaching some of my students, I will continue to have it as an option for them to use.